Coney Island & Botanical Gardens

May 8, 2012

This morning, Christian, my roommate Hannah and I went to Coney Island. We didn’t look up any information ahead of time, so we were surprised to find it closed (we learned it’s only open on weekends). That wasn’t too much of a bummer because we weren’t planning on riding anything anyway, and I kind of loved that no one was there! The whole place was really eerie and haunted-feeling, and we all loved just walking along the pier in silence.

After downing some cheese/chili dogs, Christian and I decided to stop in Brooklyn on the way home (Hannah had somewhere to be).  First, we walked through Prospect Park, which felt a lot like the midwest to me. There were even some little kids having soccer practice.

And then we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I have been talking about going here for weeks, and even though we missed the cherry blossoms, it was everything I hoped it would be 🙂

The “Children’s Garden,” where kids can plant things and watch them grow.

The best part about taking pictures on an iphone instead of a camera (mine has been malfunctioning for the past month or so) is that you don’t seem like as much of a snoop.

It seemed like all the little children in the entire park were congregated around the koi pond, shouting about each one they saw.

There were hardly any roses left in the rose garden…

…but these beauts made up for it!

The conservatory…probably my favorite part.

“The Desert”

Strangely enough, after 3 months, I still mostly just feel like a tourist on an extended vacation. Not because it’s been relaxing, but because it’s been so adventurous and different. Hard to believe it’s only 4 more days until home!


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