May 11, 2012

A picture from our first date. He took me to The Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA.

Christian and I have been dating for 2 years! The other night I was going through a bunch of pictures, and I realized how cool it is that we have already gotten to spend lots of time together in 3 major U.S. cities (LA, Chicago, and now NYC).Of course, since LA is where we met, ours will always be a Californian romance in my mind.

Clockwise from top left: Ruby’s on the pier, Malibu, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Venice Beach

Also, I couldn’t leave out the first picture ever taken of us. Here we are (pre-dating as you can tell from our mutual disgust) at the Griffith Observatory.

We don’t usually celebrate dating “anniversaries,” but on Wednesday we went to my (new) favorite store in New York and he bought me a pair of shoes. Before this starts sounding too sophisticated, I should explain that my favorite store is Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Candy and rainbows: the most aesthetically-pleasing combination in the universe.

And to prove just how serious I am, here are my new shoes:

Christian is already regretting buying them for me because I just told him I am planning to wear them when we fly together tomorrow. Muhahaha.

p.s. speaking of leaving, I can’t believe this is our last night in New York! I will post pictures from the past few days later…right now they make me too sad to look through. I am ready to go home, but I still feel a little heart-achy.


2 Responses to “Candy-versary”

  1. lsling said

    Those are the most incredible boots I have ever seen.

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