July 14, 2012

Last week we took a family vacation to go to see Kelsey & Tim in Long Beach, Washington. We hadn’t visited them since they moved there 1.5 years ago, and I spent most of the week saying things like “I can’t believe you live here” over and over again. Instead of writing a play-by-play of our trip, I think I will just post some of my favorite pictures.

Driving from Portland to Long Beach.

Astoria, Oregon…the closest “big” town, where Kelsey does most of her shopping.

Kelsey and Toby (whom I fondly call Tobias) in their beautiful little cottage.

Kate & I slept in the attic for the week…windows open and birds chirping/squawking.

Endless water and endless sky.

Roadside cherries on the way to Olympic National Park. (Don’t worry, those are just my car socks… I stopped wearing socks with sandals in like 7th grade.)

Exploring Olympic National Park.

I’m pretty sure the only group picture we managed to take… (minus Tim the photographer).

Some rocks are better than others.

Searching for ice cream … we settled for McFlurries a few miles later.

Pink sun at Cape Disappointment (about 5 min from Kelsey & Tim’s house).

The same pink sun.

Downtown Long Beach…because every town needs a free museum.

Every town also needs stick candy.

Ice cream at Scoopy’s.

Hobo Junction.

Pike Place Market, our first stop in Seattle.


Chihuly Garden and Glass.

The ceiling of my favorite room in the world (also at CGG).

Waiting for the sunset.


Kerry “Park.” (really, a patch of grass)

An accurate representation of personality, I think.

Olympic Sculpture Garden in Seattle.


Christian and our friend Joel camped their way up from LA to visit for a couple of days!

A walk around Kelsey’s neighborhood.

Breaking rules at Cape Disappointment. 

The boys wandered on the driftwood while the girls sat in the car.

On the way to Cannon Beach.



Chocolate covered sunflower seeds and a broken sand dollar at Cannon Beach.

The last night, Christian, Joel and I went for one last look at Cape Disappointment.

Inside a tree.

Dead Man’s Cove.

We climbed a rusty look-out tower…

…and this was the view.

There is a fog-covered ship somewhere out there.

At the lighthouse. This picture is funny mostly because of Christian’s ability to maintain such a suave demeanor whilst digging his hand into my rib cage because I didn’t laugh at his joke.

There are no pictures of our hours spent laughing at Toby’s sleeping positions in the car, Kate being viciously bitten on the eyelid by a mosquito, or our last night together playing Cranium and impromptu Mad Gab… Those things happened too, and they were wonderful (sorry Kate, but you looked hilarious).


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