August 20, 2012

Another picture post, because this summer has been more about people and places than words I guess.

This one’s a lot more scattered, and I guess more so I can look back later and remember all the small moments of the summer.

The last few weeks we’ve had family in and out of town, and I’ve taken a couple of trips into Chicago. Christian visited, and we split our time between his house in Lake Geneva and here. (I am saving the Lake Geneva pictures for a post I have been writing in my head about Marilynn Robinson’s Gilead; since I read it there, the two seem to go together in my mind.) And summer isn’t over yet… Lauren and Ian just got into town last night!


my Aunt Annette took mom, Kate and I to this diner on Historic Route 66…Kate and I split chicken, corn fritters, and pretzel bread sticks and it was delicious.

inside Dell Rhea’s.

Family dinner at Buca di Beppo downtown.

It was dark and hard to take pictures, but we had a blast.

Christian and I before heading to Irving Park for his housemate’s wedding.

I loved the table settings at the wedding!

Later in the week, Christian and I went to Chinatown! One of us may have found all the trinkets and colors more fascinating than the other…

a mural in Chinatown.

Then we walked along the river, which, oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever done!


This is from my last day of cleaning for Wheaton College. After scraping off gum from the underbellies of desks at the Billy Graham Center, we celebrated with a visit to the heaven room.

On Saturday night my parents and I went to the all night flea market! I usually have already left for California by the time it rolls around, so I was excited to make it this year.


We didn’t go home with any treasures, but funnel cake and potato chips were enough for me.

aaand one of Crickett for good measure. I love my bed buddy.



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