January 26, 2013

January has been a long, good month. Christian came to Wheaton for a few weeks, and we spent lots of time reading and playing Settlers of Catan and watching Alias. Our good friends Matt & Julia visited from Connecticut, and we road-tripped to Cleveland with our friend Joe to see Jeff Mangum (aka Christian’s Halloween costume this year) play a show.

The last week has been quiet…reading and homework-ing and waiting for my niece to be born (any day now!). I finally finished Anna Karenina, and then it was on to Origin of Species, both for Torrey. (Actually, there was a few days where they overlapped…Anna K was getting too dark to read for long stretches, so Origin provided some “lightness”…ha.) I’m looking forward to the semester…getting back to waking up early (okay, before 11…) and writing more, I hope.




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January 5, 2013


Here are a few pictures from the holidays. They don’t really go together color/mood-wise, but the holidays are kind of mix-and-match times anyway. My favorites are of my great-grandmother (on her 104th New Years Eve!) and my grandpa.

Christmas was small this year, just Kate and my parents and I, but we still had monkey bread for breakfast so all was well. Kelsey & Tim stayed a few days after Christmas, and then we went to my grandparents in Ohio for New Years. Our whole visit was beautiful because everything was white, and we drove around the country seeing where my great-grandma used to live. On New Years, all of us popped poppers and watched through the window as 3 deer ate my grandparent’s grass.

I don’t usually make resolutions, but this year I got a 5-year journal. It’s one of those where you write just a few lines for each day, and it’s organized so that Jan 1 of 2013-2017 are all on the same page. The idea weirds me out a little bit (I don’t often think of the future, and the phrase “5-year journal” strikes me as a little presumptuous), but I also like it because I have an AWFUL memory, and tend to forget the little things. Pictures help with that too.