May 14, 2013


Torrey groupIMG_4799

Last Tuesday, my group had our last Torrey session. We discussed the book of Revelation, and it was one of those sessions with lots of questions and few answers. Our professor pointed out that that’s a fitting way to end. I’m glad we still have graduation though (Torrey has its own graduation ceremony)…I don’t really feel like it’s over.

I just had my last class at Biola ever: bowling! My partner and I successfully advanced from last place to second-to-last place, and I couldn’t be happier.

Christian left for Europe this morning. I already miss him. (I’ve been watching a lot of Full House episodes since he left… for some reason, that helps.) I’m thankful we got to spend a lot of time together the past few weeks, though. We went to San Diego for our 3-year anniversary at the beginning of the month, and we’ve squeezed in a few mini-adventures since then too.

Cayucas played their first headlining show last week in LA, and I got to hang out backstage with them for a few hours before they went on. I’m so glad I got to do that, because now I have a much better picture of what Christian’s day-to-day life will be like over the next couple months. (In short, it will be long and loud and sweaty…but fun too, I hope.)

We spent his last night in California on his roof, skyping with his mom and step-dad…it was wonderful.




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