November 15, 2012

Saturday, a few of us drove up to a place called Oak Glen. It was 15 degrees colder (44! woo hoo!) and we ate lunch at a diner, went to a petting zoo, had mini doughnuts, and drank apple cider. Also, Christian’s hands (mysteriously) swelled up big time and we all oohed and aahed.


October 8, 2012

This weekend Christian and I were both feeling a little homesick for the Midwest, and a little grumpy towards Southern California. So, we went to the town of Orange…the only place within a hundred miles of LA that remotely resembles home.

You can’t really tell from my pictures, but once you cross this one set of train tracks near the border of Orange, everything changes. The store fronts are old, with chipped paint and swooping fonts. There are American flags, sidewalk quartets, and even banners inviting townspeople to a “prayer breakfast” hosted by the mayor. Everyone is a little bit less skinny, and a little bit less gorgeous. It is seriously magical.

We went into a few antique stores, an old-fashioned soda shop, a Native American craft store (where I purchased some over-priced macaw feathers), a record store, a tiny cafe (where Christian applied the “just add salt to your sweets for instant class” principle to our toasted almost gelato…), AND a diner where a scene from That Thing You Do was filmed.

Hooray for small adventures, and more to come. (Including, this month: seeing Christian play with his new band [their show is Wednesday!!], my old roommate Tracy visiting from NYC, Biola’s annual Torrey Conference, Christian’s mom and step-dad visiting from Arkansas, and a Halloween party at my new house [I wonder if the pumpkin tree will last until then? It would make a great conversation-starter.]).







A troubled joy

October 1, 2012

This weekend, I spent some time with friends staring at the big bright moon we have had for the past few nights, and reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short stories. He is so eerie and beautiful and disturbing…very much like fall, I think. (As far as Torrey texts go this semester, I think Emerson is spring, Hawthorne is fall, Henry James is summer, and maybe Melville is winter?)

I think I’ll write my big paper on Hawthorne this semester, mostly because I want to spend more than a week with his stories. This morning I read “The Maypole of Merry Mount” (one of his less-read ones I think), and loved it. Here’s my favorite part, after a young couple have just said their wedding vows:

“No sooner had their hearts glowed with real passion, than they were sensible of something vague and unsubstantial in their former pleasures, and felt a dreary presentment of inevitable change. From the moment that they truly loved, they had subjected themselves to earth’s doom of care and sorrow, and troubled joy, and had no more a home at Merry Mount.”

Maybe it’s my favorite because I love paradoxes so much, and I think this one is probably true.

my favorite purchase of the weekend: a pumpkin tree. I read up on it a little when I got home and it turns out the little “pumpkins” are actually a type of eggplant! I think they are darling, and I can’t stop staring at them.