April 2, 2011

The cover

"See Dick and Jane. Dick and Jane have a choking feeling."

"Oh no. No, no, no. Dick and Jane have nausea."

Just wanted to share the book Amber and I made for our Vision, Voice & Practice class. We picked up a pamphlet from Biola’s health center on Panic Attacks, and it didn’t take long to decide what we were going to do with it…it just begged to be made into a children’s book. Of course, we weren’t trying to make panic attacks funny, but rather comment on the nature of this particular (and probably most) “helpful” pamphlet(s). Despite its best intentions, the pamphlet was pretty painfully simplistic and borderline condescending…so when Amber and I started re-reading some old Dick and Jane books, we knew we had struck gold. Since the Dick and Jane books were designed to teach kids to read, they are super repetitive and just a little bit awkward.

So, I re-wrote some of the bullet points directly from the Panic Attack pamphlet “Dick and Jane” style (although I didn’t change any of the pamphlet’s wording or the order of the points), and Amber drew some “Dick and Jane” style illustrations (aren’t they great? she actually copied some of the orignal pages without changing anything, and in others she moved an arm or omitted and object), and viola. Also, Amber works in the Biola library, so we are contemplating giving our book a PIN number and everything and just leaving it on a shelf in the children’s section. We shall see.

P.S. Also, here is our inspiration, that cute little pamphlet from the Biola Health Center:


Homemade books

March 10, 2011

our book in its early stages


a look inside

This past week in my Vision, Voice and Practice class, we worked on a collaborative project (writers paired with artists) in making small books from magazine scraps. We only had an hour to put the books together, and my partner Amber and I loved the process. I actually decided to make a few more of these, mostly to compliment my portfolio this semester. I just finished an underwater book a few days ago to go along with my latest piece, and I am excited to get it back from the Duplication center Friday so I can cut and bind it!

Amber is also my partner for a bigger collaborative project in the class, where our only restriction is that the piece must be text-based. I was a little nervous about working with a partner on such a creative project (what if we have completely different tastes?) but I got lucky this time… I have loved all of Amber’s ideas so far and we work really well together. For our project, we chose to re-contextualize a pamphlet we found in the health center called “Panic Attacks” into a Dick-and-Jane-like story book. I just finalized the text and I can’t wait to see how Amber illustrates it.