Easter in New Haven

April 10, 2012

This weekend was wonderful. We had such a nice visit with Matt and Julia in New Haven.

On Saturday, Matt showed us around Yale. The campus was beautiful…I could just feel the smartness in the air.

The Rare Books Library....my favorite place on campus!

One of the best parts about getting together with Matt and Julia is that we usually have really good conversations. Since Matt’s field at Yale is cognitive psychology, he always has a lot of cool news about what is going on as far as new studies and discoveries. ┬áThis visit, Matt was explaining to us how most cognitive psychologists today actually think that belief in God is natural to humans (though, since most believe it is irrational, they say we should learn to repress it). One of the big guns, Paul Bloom, even recently talked about how to silence “the big booming voice inside you that says God exists”… I had no idea! That information might have been helpful in all those hours of Torrey debates about innate belief : ) Anyway, I’m excited to have a friend who can translate some of the important but way-over-my-head stuff that’s going on in that field, and even more excited that he’s in the midst of it all.

Julia and I also had lots of really good kitchen talks about careers and prayer and friendship and art…spending time with her is always so good for my soul.

On Easter, we all got up early to go to a sunrise worship service on top of a hill with the most beautiful view… even though we were tired and cold, it was worth it.

After a homemade (as in Julia-made) breakfast of French toast casserole, we walked across the street to their church to celebrate some more.

In the afternoon, we took a nap and then cooked A LOT…our first Easter meal without any help from mothers or fathers! Julia had all these amazing ideas… but leave it to me to over-whip the frosting for the raspberry lemon cupcakes. Luckily, that was the only real mishap (besides none of us having any idea how to carve a ham!) and after hours of cooking, it was so great to sit down together and enjoy the food.

Afterwards, we played cards and talked some more until bedtime.

Christian and I left Monday morning very thankful to have such admirable, wise, fun friends, and a God who is risen!


Long Island

April 2, 2012

On Saturday, Christian and I took a train out to his relatives’ (I forget exactly how they are related…mom’s cousin and his wife maybe?) house near Ronkonkoma, Long Island, and it was wonderful. They treated us to lunch in their downtown, drove us around to see a pier, a lighthouse, and a ton of beautiful old houses, took us to see The Hunger Games, grilled a delicious dinner, and then took us to frozen yogurt. Basically, they were really generous!

Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from spending a lot of time outside (hence the movie), but we made the best of it. I loved loved loved driving around such a historic town. We went to a general store that has been there since the mid-1800s, and one of the churches we passed was from the 1600s!! It was so cool to look around a town that knows newer is not necessarily better, and has fought to keep landmarks around.

Here's the store that's been there over 100 years.

At the Post Office, the eagle's wings flap back and forth every hour on the hour. We stood outside in the rain just to witness this momentous occasion, and it was worth it.

Michelle (Christian’s kind-of aunt) knew a lot of random historical facts, so we felt like we had our own personal tour guide. One of the most interesting things she told us was about this thing (I didn’t get a picture, so I just googled one):

Many of the houses on the water had these, and Michelle said it is called a “widow’s walk” because it is where a sailor’s wife used to walk while waiting for her husband’s ship to return.

So many of the houses reminded me of the homes in my favorite gothic novels, and the romantic in me loves that places like that still exist!! (Though I might be scared to actually live in one, with the ghosts of Catherine and Heathcliff wandering around and all…)

This coming weekend Christian and I are visiting our good friends Matt and Julia at their home in New Haven, Connecticut, and I can’t wait to see more of the North East. I have heard that New Haven isn’t the nicest town, but I am really looking forward to touring Yale at least (especially given the fact that most of my pictures of what the North East looks like come from Gilmore Girls…).